27 December, 2015

Gone2Vape FAQs

Welcome to the Gone2Vape’s Frequently Asked Questions “FAQs”;

Where can u buy this from? Is it pure?
Yes, it’s 100% organic. It is tested to ISO 9001 which means checked for heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc), up to 200 pesticdes, and for bacterial activity. The batch number on each bottle signals it’s heritage and quality.
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How much does it cost? Where are you based?

As at 27 December 2015, the 700mg is currently £49.95 plus P+P, other levels up to 12,000mg are available. The warehouse based in UK and all orders are sent same day if placed before 14.00. on.fb.me/1ivWE4K. This only applies to working days in the UK (excluding Public and Bank holidays).

Where can i buy this ? I hardly sleep
Hi. Can I suggest you visit the Facebook page at on.fb.me/1ivWE4K. If you use these links we offer a 100% Money back guarantee for UK mainland customers!
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How is it that it states it is pure but only has 7 per cent CBD oil in it?
The CBD is then mixed with a carrier oil to aid consumption.

Is it legal in UK. Is it good for fibromyalgia ? CBD
The CBD products offered are supplements. Gone2Vape, does not sell or distribute, any products that are in violation of the United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

OK how long does it take for any pain relief when vaping 175mg CBD E-Liquid. Ive been vaping for about 3 week so far, and there is no difference except that it does help with my anxiety.
When comparing 200mg vape liquids to 700mg of oil, you may find that you have to vape for a longer period (hours) for the same effect!! Order your CBD here ..

When my pain is bad I vape cannabis which gives excellent pain relief but high levels of THC. Which is why I am interested in trying CBD Oil, hopefully I can get the pain relief without floating in the clouds lol

From feedback we have found that for a standard vape e-cig to have the same effect as drops (of similar strength of CBD) it would take up to three days for similar relief. You may wish to consider vaping with a higher strength such as 200mg or go for oils starting at 700mg? Everyone is different so it would be via trial and error to find a regime that suits your needs. For more info try on.fb.me/1fqFYu5. I hope you find your solution – soon!

Bitten the bullet and ordered CBD oil today. very good write ups and having researched it the strongest I can afford (well, not really, it’s £60 for 10ml! )but should last a month or so and if it works it’ll be worth it. I’ll let you guys know how it goes
You May Wish To Try here .., they do a bottle that is on special of £49.99 for their “Love Hemp 700mg 7% CBD Oil – 10ml” as at 27 December 2015. Does anyone else use it?

This is 20% that’s why it’s so much, but thanks.
You could try the super strength one(?) at “Love Hemp XL 12,000mg CBD/CBDa 100ml – Red Label”. Maybe a question of a sledge hammer to crack a nut? Good luck with finding a solution!

What’s it made with? I mean what parts of which plant?

Hi. In the “Red Label” the most expensive method of extraction is used to preserve the “goodness” from the plant. This means more terpenes and flavinoids for you! It is an organic certified CBD strain that includes Fedora and Lovrin Sativa buds. Many users dilute to their individual circumstances. Also ALL Gone2Vape batches are tested to ISO 9001 Certified 2008 so you can be reasurred with the quality you use!! Which we think is important!
Hi. Sorry, I thought that I had answered. The CBD is made from the buds of the Fedora and Lovrin Sativa strains. ALL the batches are analysed and certified organic. Hope this helps!

Will this replace my current medication?
We are not medically qualified to answer this or to give advice. With all supplements we suggest you discuss any proposed changes with your doctor.

Is this as good as my current perscriptions?
We cannot comment on what your current medicines are. However we do have one thought, many current medicines are based on synthetic compounds of natural ingredients. If the cannabidiol oil emulates the bodies own endocannabiod system, then sometimes natural remedies are more readily taken up by the body? Sometimes there are also minimal side effects! Do you remember that everyone reacts differenttly, so it could be for you to determine what works through trial and error. Good luck with finding your solution!

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