27 October, 2015

Gone2Vape Cannabidiol Oil Testimonials

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Gone2Vape testimonials received so far:

I love “Love Hemp”, My son (23yrs old) has tried just about every anti-convulsant available and none of them made any difference to his seizures.
Then we tried “Love Hemp”. The high CBD level has worked wonders!! From 7-8 fits a day down to 1 and no Todd’s Paresis episodes at all. His quality of life has changed beyond measure! I can’t recommend this elixir strongly enough and the service from the stockist is incredible. As someone who has had chronic fatigue for the last 5 years I’m quite looking forward to trying their new blend myself. Will let you know how it goes!!!                                 Mary-Ann – August 14, 2015

Lovehemp” oil – I have tried this oil for two weeks on my 18 yr old autistic son and found the results to be surprisingly great.
His challenging behaviour restricts his life significantly which is a real shame as he is mostly a lovely happy young man but his anxiety levels can be high when faced with changes and this causes him to self harm a lot. However, since using the oil of this potency he is much calmer and relaxed coping with recent family celebrations for the first time really well indeed. His weight is excessive due to epilepsy meds and since taking this oil he is eating far less too and this will be amazing if he loses weight as well as remaining calm. The stockist has been very helpful too unlike previous providers I have used. Keep up the great work guys.”     Shazia (verified owner) – July 21, 2015

My first ‘big buy’ I selected this product to have a good amount of CBD to help me gently titrate to what I felt was an optimal daily sub-lingual dose.
I bought it as I have an anxiety disorder. My experience is that CBD is certainly not psychoactive, but installs a certain very natural feeling of calm and general well being much superior to the experience of the calming effect of prescription benzodiazepines as there were no side effects or withdrawal – CBD is natures product and has an extremely long history of human use which for me was sufficient to assure me it would be quite safe. For me, this product should certainly be in mainstream medical practice. I don’t work for the company btw – I was just simply impressed! Loved the plain brown bottle with dripper as well.”      Ben G. – August 30, 2015

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